Accidents happen

It’s always wise to report every accident to the police—no matter how minor. Next, choose your independent repair shop. We will assist you in processing your claim, answer questions, and offer sound advice to ensure safe and proper repairs are made to your vehicle.

Your insurer must

  • Upon request, inspect the damage to your vehicle at your chosen collision repair shop—no drive-in claims center or waiting for a mobile adjuster is necessary.
  • Never coerce you to their drive-in facility.
  • Never use any tactics intended to prevent you from seeking damage estimates from your own body shop.
  • Never insist on multiple estimates. This is not required by LAW.

Why choose your own repair shop?

  • Network repair shops suggested by your insurer are generally under contract which determines how your vehicle will be repaired. They
  • Represent the insurance company in both negotiations and the repair of the vehicle.
  • Often encourages the use of imitation replacement parts.
  • Work with insurance companies regarding the repairs, the costs and the repair procedures. The insurance company sets the rules and the repair shop simply follows them to keep the insurance companies costs down.
  • Independent auto collision repair facilities work for you and look out for your best interest. They
  • Negotiate with your insurance company ensuring that your vehicle is repaired properly and safe for you and your family.
  • Serve as your advocate in the repair process.
  • Ensure the quality and thoroughness of the repair service and/or the quality and condition of the parts used.
  • Provide safe and proper repairs for you—not cheap repairs for your insurance provider.

Guarantee of Workmanship

If your insurance company claims they will not guarantee the repairs do NOT worry. Each repair facility must guarantee their work, as required by law. Whether you choose your own repair shop or use one provided by your insurer, the repair facility is responsible for the workmanship. Insurance companies do NOT make or honor guarantees.

Shop of Choice

Ruby’s Auto Refinishing & Collision is your insurance claim shop of choice. Did you know you have the right—by law—to have your care repaired at your Shop of Choice? Don’t let an insurance company pressure you into using the shop of their choice. Their shops may repair your vehicle with inferior aftermarket parts. When you bring you vehicle to us it will be repaired with Factory Original (OEM) parts retaining the safety and value of your vehicle. We work with all insurance companies—however we work for YOU!

Don’t settle for less than the best!
Ruby’s Auto Refinishing & Collision
Call us with your claim number and we’ll handle the rest.