Storms often come is hard and heavy leaving little or no time for preventative measures. Damage is inevitable.
Damage from these storms—although not usually serious—needs to be addressed to avoid future issues. Rudy’s Auto is one of the leading service providers for hail damage. Our technicians receive ongoing training on innovative methods for vehicle repair. Relying on many years of experience, professional tools and advanced technologies, Rudy’s professional technicians provide efficient, high-quality hail repair and gets your vehicle back to its pre-damaged conditions.


  •  We assess the extent of the damage
  •   We provide a professional estimate of work required and related costs
  •  We perform the recommended work, to restore the vehicle to its original factory condition, onsite using the latest tools and technology
  •  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide a written lifetime warranty on the work performed

When the hail storm hits, it would be very difficult to avoid the damages. When the hail storm hits, generally it would be troublesome to avoid the damages. Certain places in the world would be more susceptible to the hail when compared to others. There are things you can do for preventing damages or fix it. Hail damage is not too problematic but it is necessary to fix for avoiding any kind of future issues. Rudy’s Auto is one of the leading service providers of the Hail damage. With more years of experience, Rudy’s Auto Refinishing Collision technicians offer you the high-quality hail repair to your vehicles in the much efficient way. Repairing the hail damage would be easy and quick with the hail damage repair process of Rudy’s Auto Refinishing Collision. Technicians are expert in handling all the damage and it would be a great option to get a professional help. Experts are specialized in repairing vehicles that are struck with the hail so when your vehicles are damaged by the hail, you could easily rest assured of getting prominent help. The professionals use the right tools and technology to get your vehicle back after the pre-damaged conditions in the much efficient way



Restore your vehicle to the original factory condition with the use of only high-tech models so that it would be quite useful for enabling complete benefits. Hail Damage Repair Process normally begins with the assessment of hail damaged car then appropriate estimation is carried on with the on-site repairs made. Highly trained technicians received the ongoing training that efficiently allows using all innovative methods for repairing your hail damaged vehicle. Each repair service also comes with the written limited lifetime warranty and it would be suitable for getting prominent benefits in much efficient manner. Even after the heavy damage to your vehicle, all the parts could be restored with the paint jobs in the much efficient way. Restore your car after the heavy damages of the vehicle with the advice of the experts astoundingly. Get the full value out of your vehicle with classic repairs and maintain your vehicle completely. Experts will have your vehicle looking good as new within the short period of time to the maximum. 100% Guaranteed satisfaction is offered for each repair service with insurance claims in Calgary and save your money and time efficiently.

Trust Rudy’s for the care and attention your vehicle deserves.


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