Buying Rudy’s in 1998 was the realization of a dream for Frazer and Mary Lou.

     Frazer discovered his passion for auto body repair, over 26 years ago. After graduating high school, he went on to become a Licensed Red Seal Journeyman Auto Body Technician. His training and experience makes him an expert at every level of the auto body trade.

     Mary Lou’s interest in cars dates back to her pre-teen years when she was always tin0kering away—repairing or maintain one car or another. She did her homework on all the old models and dreamed of owning a hot rod one day. Mary Lou studied the trade alongside Frazer where she learned many aspects of the business.

     Frazer and Mary Lou work as a team at Rudy’s. Both are driven by the wonderful people they serve—many of whom have been loyal clients since inception. Loving what they do and meeting new people inspires them every day, making their work FUN. Frazer takes on the technical aspects of the business where Mary Lou devotes her time to the management and administration functions. The result is a business that operates like a well-oiled machine.

     In his time off, Frazer enjoys water sports, refurbishing old seadoos and boats, and constructing massive model trains and their environment. Mary Lou devotes her energy to gardening, hiking and other outdoor activities. She loves both interior and exterior design and construction.

They have a beautifully balanced life—enjoying both their work and their leisure time.


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